A breeze of freedom is blowing on your work outfit.

Forget the standard rigid uniform, hello the modern customised outfit. Gone are the days of discomfort, restraint, basic passe-partout, we have entered the era of freedom of movement, self-expression and memorable dress, even at work. Modern Business and Image Wear is about giving you the opportunity to bring your uniqueness to life, while remaining elegant and timeless. Modern Business and Image Wear designed by NEOBLU is about giving you the keys to create your own personal footprint.


At NEOBLU, we have chosen to combine comfort and elegance so that each employee wears the image of the brand he or she works for, but also they can feel comfortable and beautiful in their outfit and it is a pleasure for them to dress in the colours of the company.

Over the pages

Page after page, the NEOBLU collections reveal themselves and allow you to build little by little the next dressing room for your teams.

Proof in pictures

Discover the NEOBLU spirit and atmosphere through its lookbook. You will find inspiration to project yourself in the creation of your own signature silhouette.

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