The origin of NEOBLU

«When I knew I was going to meet the person who might soon be my Director, the first thing I wondered was what I should wear... A pro meeting on a Sunday at 11am in a trendy hotel doesn't require a suit and a jogging suit... a little black dress? It doesn't either. Then what does? A pair of jeans with a nice cut, a tight shirt? No... A nice shirt, a tight jacket, a pair of heels and a pencil line under the eyes. I found him exactly the same!
Two years later, NEOBLU was born out of the observation of the moment we were living through: a job interview on a Sunday morning in a hotel which itself was in total break with the classic codes of the hotel business... Everything in that moment showed us that the era of the «formal informal» was here and that we needed to participate with a brand of professional clothing that would allow companies who wished to express their identity and values through informal formal or cool chic looks for all their teams.
Audélia Krief, Deputy CEO of SOLO Group

NEOBLU is a brand of work clothing that doesn't look like one.
Born from the fact that even when we wear work clothes, we all want to have style, NEOBLU's ambition is to break the uniform codes by offering a collection directly inspired by retail so that every employee can feel at work as well as in his private life. The idea is that dress is no longer a constraint but, on the contrary, a satisfaction for everyone.

NEOBLU manifesto

Breaking the codes of professional clothing, living our times and giving each brand the freedom to express who it is, that is NEOBLU's vocation.
Our ambition is to propose image wear that combines style, comfort and elegance. We want people wearing NEOBLU clothing as part of their work duties to no longer feel like changing as soon as they are no longer at work. That's why we create both timeless and trendy pieces, with a revisited style, perfect quality and unique details and materials.
From a palette of fifty-eight pieces, you can twist, match, mix & match your corporate silhouette as you wish, an association that belongs to you to define your style. Don't go unseen anymore.
Bring your uniqueness to life. Compose your own unique outfit.
With NEOBLU, create your signature corporate silhouette.

« The way a person dresses shows both how they see themselves and how they want to be seen. »

Roland Jaccard


NEOBLU is the «new blue overalls». Why is that? Because, more and more, companies want to express their values and identity through their employees' outfits. And because employees are proud to claim their belonging to their company thanks to a garment that looks like them and in which they feel good.

Today, all over the world, work clothing, otherwise known as professional uniforms, is making a strong comeback because it is a way of sending different messages to customers as well as internally, it is becoming a real added value for the company, a communication element in its own right.

Towards external audiences, employees' business wear helps to identify teams, to differentiate themselves from the competitors, but also to express the uniqueness. NEOBLU's offer is designed in this spirit: all clothing is «compatible» or matched to allow a multitude of combinations to allow each brand to create its own signature silhouette.

Towards internal audiences, wearing business clothing reinforces the feeling of belonging to the brand. The employee, clearly identified as belonging to the company, feels invested with a representative role, he becomes the brand and its values. What is essential in this objective is first of all that the workwear is well-fitted, easy to maintain and, above all, adapted to the professional needs of each employee so that he or she is free to move about freely.
Each NEOBLU garment is created with this in mind: qualitative, easy-care materials, but also cuts designed for dynamic professional use: PEOPLE IN MOTION expresses this commitment.

« Fashion passes, style remains. »

Yves Saint Laurent

The NEOBLU style

Absolutely timeless, NEOBLU's cool chic style is no less elegant and durable. Our garments are great classics revisited with current tastes: the cuts are contemporary, and the materials are high quality.
Elegance and simplicity become, at NEOBLU, the allies of singularity with a completely versatile collection that you can twist, «mix & match», combine as you wish to create your corporate silhouette, the one that corresponds to your values, your profession, your corporate culture, your personality.
An offer of fits, materials and colours that will allow each employee to be elegant and stylish when wearing their outfit at work, thus encouraging a sense of belonging within the company and becoming memorable in the eyes of customers.

« Don't be trendy, don't let fashion take over, but decide what you are, what you want to express through what you wear and how you live. »

Gianni Versace


The foundation for the creation of the NEOBLU collection is the use its customers will make of it. By use, we mean the business and the needs it involves. We consider that our customers must be active, on the move, that their clothing must support them and not slow them down in their activities. There is nothing worse than jacket, shirt or trousers in which you are not free to move. All NEOBLU clothing takes these aspects into account and responds to them. For example, we have selected soft materials, adapted cuts and accessories, such as the elasticated waistband on the chinos, which will accompany the actions of the users.
At NEOBLU, we have chosen to combine comfort and elegance so that each employee proudly wears the image of the brand for which he or she works, but also so that he or she feels comfortable and beautiful in his or her outfit so that it is a pleasure for him or her to dress in the colours of his or her company.
Freedom to be oneself and freedom of movement are the key words of the NEOBLU brand.

« I got married because it gave me a pure wool suit and leather shoes: that's where elegance comes in. »

Michel Audiard


Nowadays, dress codes have changed, and for many, it is no longer a question of fitting into pre-established boxes with formal looks: the suit or suit for going to work, the tuxedo for going to a gala or the shorts and polo shirt for the weekends. Today, we no longer hesitate to wear jeans with a blazer, a t-shirt with a suit or a skirt with a raincoat. The important thing is that the outfit is cool, coordinated, but above all that it is comfortable and with a touch of elegance. It's also important to be able to create a large number of combinations with only a few pieces: with 2 kinds of trousers, 2 tops and 2 jackets, you can create 8 different looks!
This is the logic behind the NEOBLU collection: all the garments are matching, «mixable» together to multiply the styles. The materials and colours are designed to be able to mix the most classic clothes with the most daring ones and the accessories complete the looks by bringing the little «twist» that everyone is looking for to differentiate themselves.

« For me, dressing is a form of self-expression. There are clues as to who you are in what you're wearing. »

Marc Jacobs

Signature Silhouette

For the past few years, companies have considered image clothing as a strategic investment in their communication plan. Personalised clothing allows them to stand out from the crowd but also reinforces the feeling of belonging of their employees.
But for teams to wear the brand's colours and values high, they must like their workwear. The principle for brands is therefore to make choices that correspond to individual trends while taking into account the specific needs of the clothing chosen (maintenance, quality, fit, etc.).

Today, as individuals, consumers are adopting a less formal lifestyle and look, the embodiment of cool chic: relaxed but elegant. They have mastered the classic codes to shift them, to reinvent new looks and to express their personality and sensibility.
Today's brands are in the same state of mind: the aim is to express what they are, their values, their identity and their personality. From this point of view, the outfit of their employees, who are also the representatives of the brand, is essential. NEOBLU's offer, based on a reinvented classic wardrobe, is therefore a great ally: all the clothes are designed to be coordinated with each other with the possibility of twisting the look by a choice of colour, style or accessory that will create all the difference and sign the silhouette.

« Bad taste is to confuse fashion, which lives only by change, with lasting beauty. »


The quality of NEOBLU

«Durable beauty» is exactly NEOBLU's ambition: to create beautiful clothes of such quality that they will last over time, that they can be worn for a long time without losing their colour or appearance.
NEOBLU is part of a sustainable approach based on the quality of its clothing with the aim of perpetuating the purchases of companies that choose to dress their teams in NEOBLU.
The materials are chosen to be comfortable but also easy to care for and resistant. The style is sober, classic but revisited to the tastes of our time to avoid taking any risk of being totally out of fashion next season. This is our promise of quality and our credo of durability!

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