How to choose the right professional clothing?

To know everything about image and representation clothing, follow our guide. Detailed articles for all professions and needs: professional uniforms for the hotel industry, stylish work outfits for the catering industry, women's work outfits, etc. NEOBLU will help you create your signature silhouette and make your employees the first ambassadors of your brand.

The women’s work outfit

Whether it is to create brand awareness, build loyalty, strengthen team spirit, create a professional brand image, protect employees and get rid of all dress code dilemmas, women's work outfits or uniforms have many advantages.

The Catering work outfit

When it comes to work outfits for the catering industry, it is impossible not to think of the world-famous Parisian café waiter. Dressed in black trousers, a white shirt, a waistcoat and a black tie or bow tie, with a large white apron.

How to choose your professional hotel uniform thanks to NEOBLU

There are many jobs in the hotel industry: all of them are essential and have in common the contact with customers at one time or another.

Waiting trousers, the must-have garment to equip your employees with style.

As the name suggests, waiting trousers are work trousers designed to be worn by the waiting staff. They are used in the hotel and catering industries, but also in all waiting and reception jobs.

Customised work outfits in companies

There are many good reasons to customise your employees' work outfit. There are also different ways to customise it.

How can you convey a positive image of your company?

Brand perception is an important aspect of the marketing of your services and the purchasing process. So it is essential for any company to communicate on its Brand and develop a dynamic environment and positive image with its customers.

What are the essentials of a waiter's outfit?

Integral to the French collective imagination, the waiter is a profession known to all, whose uniform is an essential part of French and European culture.

Sweatshirts bearing your company's logo: a good idea for your start-up?

Since the late 90s when new forms of technology became more widely available, the term 'start-up' has grown in popularity to such an extent that it is now widely recognised throughout the business community.

What's the best choice of jackets for your wait staff in winter?

Autumn is upon us, and the first signs of inclement weather are here. We are quickly returning to a period of cool temperatures that requires us to dress accordingly.

Where can I buy professional hotel and restaurant clothing?

Whether it's for a high-end hotel or restaurant, your staff's attire should reflect the standing of your establishment. But for efficient operation, the professional clothing of your waiters and other service personnel must also be comfortable so that they can work throughout a shift.

Finding a stylish women's waistcoat

As soon as you enter a traditional café, you can always recognise the waiters by their traditional attire: black waistcoats, white shirts, suit trousers and (sometimes) bow ties. We all have a specific vision of a waiter in our minds. But traditional waiter attire isn't just for men.

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