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Sweatshirts bearing your company's logo: a good idea for your start-up?

Since the late 90s when new forms of technology became more widely available, the term 'start-up' has grown in popularity to such an extent that it is now widely recognised throughout the business community. These high-potential businesses seek to differentiate themselves by innovating, discovering new markets and showcasing their unique corporate cultures. This is where the importance of having an elegant and recognisable style of dress comes into play, because while many large businesses still favour traditional suits and uniforms, start-ups want to break away from this image and instead promote professional sweaters. Find out from Neoblu why we are seeing more and more sweatshirts featuring a company logo.

Why do many start-ups choose this option?

It is a point we've touched on, but one of the main reasons is to challenge the image of the business suit and other business wear imposed by some companies. The idea is to create a more relaxed image, and this is achieved by allowing more casual outfits, such as sweatshirts and polo shirts, to name but a few. But then why design a special professional sweater bearing your company name or logo? Apart from the practical aspect already mentioned, it also creates a sense of belonging and equality in the workplace. The fact that managers dress the same as interns means that the hierarchical barriers are to some extent removed. It also provides great publicity outside the workplace: the smarter your business attire, the more people will perceive your company in a positive light.

How do you design the perfect business sweater?

To create your own professional sweater, you first need to choose from the different textile options. Shirts and polo shirts, for example, give the impression of being professional image garments, at least more so than sweatshirts and t-shirts. Whether you are attending a convention or trade show, or giving a lecture, a shirt will give your outfit a more professional look. Although sweatshirts remain extremely popular, they are more popular with IT-focused start-ups. They can be worn for longer periods of time and will therefore be seen more often outside of the workplace.

A wide range of options for creating your corporate wear with Neoblu

With the help of Neoblu, specialists in business wear, you can discover a wide range of outfits suitable for start-up companies. Discover our high quality customisable shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Our wide range of accessories can also be used to enhance your professional sweater, whether it's with a cap or a card holder. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on our website. .


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