How can you convey a positive image of your company?

Brand perception is an important aspect of the marketing of your services and the purchasing process. So it is essential for any company to communicate on its Brand and develop a dynamic environment and positive image with its customers.

There are several levers to build a strong brand image. Among them, image clothing, also called corporate clothing, is a valuable and effective means of communication to clearly identify a company and to strengthen its visibility and reputation.

How can you develop your company's brand image?

For a brand to be recognised and appreciated by consumers, it is essential for the company to showcase its identity, values, culture and experience, but also to know its market position, determine its target audience and ensure a good customer experience to impress them and win their loyalty. Several tools are available to do this: the development of recognisable and distinctive branding (visual identity and graphic charter), a user-friendly website and informative blog, social networks, printed materials such as business cards, brochures, commercial brochures, etc.

Among the marketing levers that enable the company to build and disseminate a positive and lasting brand image, corporate clothing represents an essential resource both internally and with customers. Whether for a large group, an SME or a start-up, image clothing is a powerful and effective communication tool to promote the company's activity and to maintain and extend its reputation.

Professional image clothing as a tool for promoting the company

Specifically worn by employees as part of their job, image clothing is a personalised outfit in the company’s colours to ensure its visibility and distinguish it from other active players in the same sector of activity. It can be a complete outfit (for example, the outfits of flight attendants, waiters or even luxury hotel clothing).

A vector of in-house social bonding, professional image clothing federates your employees and generates a sense of belonging, responsibility and membership, thus becoming a symbol of identification with the company. As an external communication tool, it facilitates brand identification and arouses the curiosity, commitment and appreciation of your target audience, whether they be customers or suppliers, by expressing the values, culture and uniqueness of your company.

Reflecting your company, image clothing should be chosen with care. It is not just a matter of choosing a visual or logo or opting for a colour, but it consists of customising your professional outfit by choosing a style, a cut and a fabric. Corporate clothing must be striking but discreet, versatile but unique, original but elegant, and guarantee your employees both comfort and ease of movement.

Why trust NEOBLU for your image clothing?

In recent years, corporate clothing ghas gained new ground in the corporate world, even becoming a standard where it is least expected: in start-ups! Beyond aspects of safety or hygiene, professional outfits are mandatory for many brands or establishments that welcome the public: cultural facilities, sporting events, shops, sales forces, hotels and restaurants, etc.

With its many collections combining style, elegance and comfort, NEOBLU enables you to offer your employees high-end outfits that are both modern and practical, to create your signature look and to express the identity and uniqueness of your brand. Whether you are looking for image clothing for women or men, we offer tops, bottoms and even complete outfits that are suitable for all functions and sectors of activity. We have reinvented the business outfit to effectively display your establishment's colours without compromising the day-to-day comfort of your teams.

Breaking the codes of work clothes, keeping pace with our times and giving each brand the freedom to express what it stands for, it is NEOBLU’s mission to offer stylish, elegant and versatile professional image clothing of faultless quality.

To order men's or women's work trousers from the NEOBLU range, please ask your usual workwear supplier and if you don't have any, contact us via the contact form: we will provide you with the details of our dealers.


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