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Customised work outfits in companies

There are many good reasons to customise your employees work outfit. There are also different ways to customise it. Whatever the reason and however you customise your work outfit, you should always bear in mind that your colleagues will spend about 10 to 12 hours a day in it. It should therefore be comfortable, stylish and suited to their job.

Why customise work outfits?

There are several reasons for choosing to use a customised work outfit. The first one is to ensure that all employees wear an outfit that suits their needs and the company's image when they work. The professional attire, if well chosen and well worn, is a powerful marketing tool and an essential communication medium for your strategy. In addition to these main arguments, statistics show that work outfits allow employees to adhere more strongly to the company and customers to recognise them easily.

What is a customised work outfit?

It is an attire given to employees, who must wear it in the performance of their duties. This outfit can be customised through a decoration technique (embroidery, screen printing or other) on the garment(s) and in the company’s colours.
However, a work outfit is also considered to be customised when it is made up of a set of matching garments that are consistent with the brand's communication, positioning, offering, quality of service, etc. This is what we at NEOBLU call the signature silhouette.
If you don't want to decorate the garment, you can opt for a customised accessory (scarf, tie, cap, etc.) or simply for a badge in the brand's colours. When we talk about a customised work outfit, we generally refer to a complete uniform, which consists of trousers or a skirt, a shirt, a polo shirt or a T-shirt, a jacket, a sweatshirt, a down jacket or a bodywarmer. This outfit can be complemented with accessories such as a tie, a cap or a bow tie. Finally, for employees who work outdoors, a coat or a jacket suited to the weather conditions should also be included.

Does work outfits differ depending on the sector of activity?

Obviously, a waiter in a traditional gourmet restaurant, a car salesman in a car dealership, a parking valet in a luxury hotel, a hostess at a golf open... do not have the same needs and expectations in terms of work outfit. When choosing a stylish work outfit,you have to take into account the constraints of the job: some people will be very active, moving quickly and regularly, in which case you should opt for breathable and flexible materials so as not to hinder them in their movements. Others will work outdoors: in this case, the climate issue will also play a very important role. It will probably be necessary to have a work outfit for summer and another for winter: sleeve length, materials, coats or jackets in case of rain or cold and a cap to protect against the sun. For example, in summer you should avoid a three-piece suit, although very elegant, whereas in winter a waistcoat is a plus.

Which jobs require a work outfit?

Customised work outfits are necessary in many jobs and sectors of activity. The construction industry, health care and major fast-food chains immediately come to mind. Actually, the work outfit is useful in all professions in which employees represent the company they work for. This may be the case for the catering industry, of course, but also for retail outlets, cultural venues (museums, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, etc.), funeral homes, sales jobs such as representatives, estate agents, car salesmen, etc. In transport too, customised work outfits are essential: boat crews, bus drivers, private drivers and taxi driver, etc. In short, wherever there is contact with the public, a need for uniformity in staff outfit and effective communication, it is necessary to use a customised work outfit. Apart from technical or protective work wear, or uniforms which are fully integrated with the professional practice (e.g. for an astronaut), many professions expect customised work outfits to be stylish, cool and smart. Employees who wear them represent the brand: they must have an image perfectly in tune with it and, at the same time, be very comfortable so as not to seem stuck or uncomfortable in their clothes.

Where can you get stylish, trendy, comfortable and practical work outfits?

Companies are often at a loss because, although they really want to provide their employees with work outfits, they sometimes have difficulty finding them. They need clothes for the whole team, i.e. for men and women, of all sizes and for all body shapes. These outfits must be suitable for professional use (easy to care for and of high quality) and consistent with the company's brand image while being stylish and elegant. Finally, it is also important to take into account that employees change, some join the company when others leave. Therefore, it is advisable not to choose work outfits that are subject to fashion fads or, even worse, that are only sold for one season.For all these reasons, asking a “promotional” garment retailer or a PPE reseller to supply you with NEOBLU clothing is the best solution: quality collections designed for professional use, collections that will be renewed over time, a smart, cool and timeless style, mixed ranges and a huge range of sizes.


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