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Where can I buy professional hotel and restaurant clothing?

Whether it's for a high-end hotel or restaurant, your staff's attire should reflect the standing of your establishment. But for efficient operation, the professional clothing of your waiters and other service personnel must also be comfortable so that they can work throughout a shift. That's why we at NEOBLU, experts in the creation of top-of-the-range workwear have chosen to combine elegance and comfort to offer the best apparel to our customers. Discover our selection of professional hotel and restaurant clothing and how to wear it with elegance.

Why is comfort an important aspect of your professional hospitality clothing?

At the forefront of our considerations, the comfort of our clothing is an essential aspect for NEOBLU. It is important for several reasons, and will undoubtedly impact on the quality of your employees' work. Take the job of a waiter in a restaurant, for example; without the right professional clothing service can be extremely difficult. Indeed, between the back-and-forth from the dining room to the kitchen, avoiding tables and customers in environments where space can be very limited, for example, if the clothing is not comfortable and does not allow the waiter to move around easily, their service can be very difficult. For an indoor setting, or in summer, choose a waiter's waistcoat, a timeless item that will ensure that your staff are stylish and able to work in the best conditions.

NEOBLU - A selection of deluxe hotel and restaurant professional clothing

NEOBLU offers a wide range of outfits for men and women working in various trades, including hotels and restaurants. In addition to our waiters' waistcoats, discover a wide range of jackets, trousers, skirts, coats and more. We also have high-quality women's blouses which can be complemented with a variety of skirts or trousers to create an outfit of your choice. If you are looking for more luxury hospitality clothing check out our stylish and elegant full suits, which can be combined with a variety of accessories.

Accessories: the little extras to complete a perfect outfit

For a complete outfit, certain accessories are essential. Ties, bow ties, scarves, even card holders, it is with these little extras that the standing of your establishment will be apparent. And again, all our accessories have been designed for the wearer to be comfortable and not to be hindered during their various daily tasks. If you have any questions about our professional hotel and restaurant clothing please do not hesitate to contact us via our website or directly via our e-mail address


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