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Finding a stylish women's waistcoat

As soon as you enter a traditional café, you can always recognise the waiters by their traditional attire: black waistcoats, white shirts, suit trousers and (sometimes) bow ties. We all have a specific vision of a waiter in our minds. But traditional waiter attire isn't just for men. Women can also adopt the key elements of a professional work wardrobe. But how do you find attire for women that's both comfortable and stylish? Here are our tips for choosing your women's waistcoat.

The origins of the waiter's waistcoat

Waiters' waistcoats first appeared in Parisian cafés in the 19th century. They allowed customers to easily recognise waiters and were both functional and aesthetic. Since then, a waiter's uniform has been inseparable from its role. It generally features a number of pockets which make it easier for the server to give change. It can also be used for storing essential accessories such as a bottle opener. In recent years, women's waistcoats have become increasingly trendy. They add a certain bit of style to your female employees.

Choosing a women's waistcoat for your employees

A female waiter's waistcoat closely resembles its male counterpart. It's minimalist and well-tailored. Generally speaking, it comes in rather sombre colours to provide a strong contrast to the white shirt worn underneath. For a serious look, wear it with tailored trousers. For a more relaxed look, a waiter's waistcoat can also be worn over a white t-shirt with jeans to provide a touch of originality. The.women's waistcoat is intended to be both stylish and professional, modern and practical. To ensure the proper fit, ask your employees for their sizes. It's important that it's not too small; otherwise it'll be too tight. And if it's too large, it'll be less sophisticated. Our women's waistcoat features all the style cues of this iconic garment with a modern cut. It offers that extra undeniable 'je ne sais quoi' in the age of 'informal formal'. The women's waistcoat can be worn open or closed, depending on the desired effect. It's a powerful piece you can mix and match as you wish with our other pieces. Discover our male waiter's waistcoat as well.

Choose a women's waistcoat that's comfortable and high quality.

Our women's waistcoat features five buttons in front and a back cinch with a metal buckle. Choose between three colours: Mottled Anthracite, Midnight and Deep Black. The waistcoats are easy to care for as they can be machine washed at 30°. They can also be ironed to always look impeccable. Discover also our NEOBLU GABIN and NEOBLU GASPARD women's suit trousers to complete your professional waitress outfit.


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