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Waiting trousers, the must-have garment to equip your employees with style

As the name suggests, waiting trousers are work trousers designed to be worn by the waiting staff. They are used in the hotel and catering industries, but also in all waiting and reception jobs. These work trousers must above all be suited to their intended use and to the wearer's job. Nevertheless, the professional use of this garment does not mean it cannot be good-looking and well-cut. Quite the contrary! First of all because if you want the waiting staff to convey a good image of the company, employees should feel well, comfortable and elegant in their work outfit: trousers, even if they are sometimes hidden by a counter or an apron, are an integral part of the work outfit!

How to choose the right work trousers?

You can choose waiting trousers in a more neutral colour than the company’s corporate colour. IFirstly, because it is very messy and secondly, because many employees will not be at ease in “chick” yellow trousers. For brands with a very bright or original corporate colour, this will be rather used on tops (T-shirt, polo shirt or even shirt) or accessories (scarf, tie, cap, apron). Work trousers are generally in sober and dark colours, which help to reduce small or big body shape defects and are much less messy.

Adapting the style of waiting trousers to a company’s image

As far as cut is concerned, in addition to having style, work trousers must also be comfortable so that employees do not feel constrained in their movements. Materials must be flexible, hard-wearing and of good quality. Flexible in order to allow all movements. Hard-wearing because these garments will be washed very often so they must resist wear and tear. And of good quality because your brand image is at stake!
As for pockets, be careful not to overdo it because generally, when you have pockets, you put things in them and sometimes that can spoil the silhouette. Waiting trousers must have pockets but not too many so that employees do not fill them more than it is necessary and avoid becoming very unsightly.

A wide range of work trousers available in the NEOBLU catalogue

The NEOBLU GUSTAVE chino trousers have all these qualities: 2% elastane to offer the necessary flexibility to the fabric, cotton for easy care, good thickness for a high-quality and resistant result, and a tone-on-tone elasticated waistband that fits all body shapes and is very comfortable as it avoids overtightening the belly of women and men who wear these trousers.
The GASPARD jeans also contain elastane, which makes them comfortable and flexible, besides preventing them from becoming distorted with use.
The GABIN suit trousers, for a more classic image, also have the famous tone-on-tone elasticated waistband. This ultimate discrete feature brings a huge comfort to the users who can, if they wish it for aesthetic reasons, slip a belt in the belt loops.
To order the men's or women's work trousers from the NEOBLU range, please ask your usual workwear supplier and if you do not have any, contact us via the contact form: we will provide you with the contact details of our resellers.


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