How to choose your professional hotel uniform thanks to NEOBLU

How to choose your professional hotel uniform thanks to NEOBLU

There are many jobs in the hotel industry: all of them are essential and have in common the contact with customers at one time or another. Hence the importance of identifiable outfits, in the hotel's colours, and suited to the body shape and use of each person.

Concierge, receptionist, housekeeper, waiter, beach attendant, chambermaid, gardener, parking valet, porter... all these employees embody the hotel they work for, its image, its positioning and its standing.

It is therefore essential that guests can easily identify the hotel staff and that staff members are elegant and comfortably dressed. In order to choose the right professional hotel uniform, you need to take into account several aspects to avoid making a mistake.

First of all, you should opt for a style and colours that correspond to the hotel's image. If the hotel belongs to the luxury category, choose a suit with a tie for men and a suit for women as a professional uniform ; if the hotel is more in the relaxed luxury or boutique-hotel category, you can opt for an outfit matching a cotton piqué suit jacket with chino trousers or even well-tailored jeans with a high-quality T-shirt or a jersey shirt. If the hotel’s colours are very bright and difficult to match with the uniform, you should opt for classic colours that can be complemented with accessories such as a scarf, a tie, a pocket-handkerchief, shoes or even a bow tie.

Then, you have to take into account the specific features of each user's job since concierges, parking valets and housekeepers, for example, do not have the same constraints. For the most mobile jobs, which needs more freedom of movements, you should choose garments made out of flexible materials with an elasticated waistband for greater comfort. For jobs where workers need to move from indoors to outdoors, you can adapt the work outfit with a sleeveless down jacket that can be worn under the jacket to avoid thermal shocks.

Finally, as hotel industry jobs can be messy while everyone should be impeccably dressed, it will be necessary not only to provide a sufficient number of changes for each worker, but also, and above all, to choose uniforms made of materials that are easy to care for and hard-wearing.

Of course, taking into account the body shape and tastes of employees can also be very important to strengthen their adherence to the company and their motivation.

The entire NEOBLU collection is designed so that every company can easily create its own signature silhouette and adapt it to the different jobs of its employees, while respecting their individual body shapes. The range features a style that is timeless but adapted to today's tastes, uses materials meant to last for long and adds details to increase the comfort of users. In short, everything is done to make your employees proud to represent your company’s identity!

Silhouettes suggestions

For a classic and elegant image: NEOBLU MARIUS jacket with NEOBLU GABIN trousers and NEOBLU BLAISE shirt. In winter, you can add the NEOBLU MAX waistcoat and finally, as an accessory, the NEOBLU TOMMY tie or the NEOBLU TARA scarf for women.
For a more casual yet elegant image, you can create a uniform based on NEOBLU GUSTAVE chino trousers to match with the NEOBLU OWEN polo shirt, to which you can add, for those who work outdoors, the NEOBLU ANTOINE waxed jacket or the NEOBLU TOM cap for sunny days. NEOBLU, the professional hotel uniform brand for hotels with style!


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