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What are the essentials of a waiter's outfit?

Integral to the French collective imagination, the waiter is a profession known to all, whose uniform is an essential part of French and European culture. Chances are that at the mere mention of the name of this profession, you have visualised in your subconscious a person wearing a black waistcoat and a white shirt, with a bow tie, dress trousers, and carrying a tray in one hand and a tea towel in the other. At all times, a waiter must be elegant, as he represents the whole of his establishment. So, in this NEOBLU article, we will see what are the essential components of a waiter's outfit.

The various components of a waiter’s uniform

The iconic and timeless waiter's garment is, of course, the waistcoat. It has its origin in the 19th century, at a time when every trade had to have a unique and recognisable uniform. The grand cafés of the European capitals wanted to create an elegant and practical outfit for this profession, which requires standing or moving for long hours, and where it is necessary to be able to carry change, cutlery, napkins etc. The waiter's waistcoat is therefore the centrepiece of the whole outfit. Then come the shirt, often white, the work trousers, sometimes covered by an apron, and the shoes, usually dark. A bow tie, pin or other such items may also be added depending on the establishment.

Why does a waiter's uniform have to be practical?

Of course, the elegance of the work attire is essential for the prestige of the establishment, and given the many tasks that waiters have to carry out, it is essential that the clothing for this profession is also comfortable and practical. Indeed, standing during a whole service, having to move between the tables of the establishment, carrying many objects, are all reasons for the waiters to wear an outfit that can facilitate their movements. That is without mentioning the unforeseen circumstances they may encounter during their shift, such as cleaning up tasks, being jostled and so on. To ensure the comfort of the service uniform, the waiter's waistcoat should not be too tight around the waist, for example, and his shoes should be chosen with great care.

What are the various outfits offered by NEOBLU?

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