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What's the best choice of jackets for your wait staff in winter?

Autumn is upon us, and the first signs of inclement weather are here. We are quickly returning to a period of cool temperatures that requires us to dress accordingly. In the catering sector, employees can often find themselves uncomfortably exposed to these low temperatures if your business has an outside space, so they must wear professional clothing that is adapted to these conditions.

Why you should carefully invest in uniforms for your hospitality workers

Uniforms are very important: your employees physically represent the face of your business. When interacting with customers, they must project a good image. This happens through good gestures, speech and dress. Investing in a uniform for your staff allows you to emphasise the last of these points. However, it is important to ensure high quality of the clothing you equip them with. Clothing must be designed to allow employees to work without inconvenience or discomfort, both of which reduce their productivity. Moreover, don't forget about the working environment. There is an outfit for every season.

NEOBLU: The professional clothing brand for Catering and Hospitality

NEOBLU, a specialist in supplying professional clothing for the catering and hospitality sector, presents you with a range of “formal and informal” products, allowing your employees to look stylish in all situations. Equip your employees with fashionable work clothes.

What is the best choice of winter uniform in catering and hospitality?

As winter approaches, NEOBLU presents you with two types of stylish downy jacket for your wait staff and other employees. Our ARTHUR range is specially designed for you: our light sleeveless jackets with their downy lining will keep your employees nice and warm at work. Both the inner and outer fabric are made from 100% 380T nylon which is water-repellent, and the inner lining is made from 100% polyester, with a down-like effect for extra comfort. Men's sizesrange from S to 4XL, and Women's sizes from S to 3XL. Both men's and women's jackets have a V-neck and can be opened and closed with 5 press buttons on the front. For practicality, we have also included 2 front pockets and an “in bag” folding system. Regarding colours, you have a choice between blue, black or dark black, blending perfectly with all your outfits. To complete their outfit, you can also equip your employees with our Marius suit jacket. In designing our jackets, we have been especially careful to make the fabric very fine, allowing you to wear it discreetly under a suit jacket, so that you can keep out the cold while still remaining stylish.To check out all our products for inspiration, go to our Lookbook.


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