Agency of hosts and hostesses, at the heart of representation and image.

In the world of events, but also in the reception or the animation of marketing operations, there is an unavoidable profession, rarely put forward and yet essential. Indeed, hosts or hostesses are, throughout their mission, the first representatives of the brand that employs them. They are the first person you will see when you enter a trade show, on the stand of the exhibiting brands, but they are also the ones who will hand you a leaflet or a sample during a street marketing operation, they are the ones who will inform you in the department stores, they are also the ones who will welcome you and guide you to your place during a cultural or sporting event.

Often associated with prestigious services, host agencies and hostesses have the representation rooted in their bodies, their teams are trained to embody the brand that they work for.
Recently, agencies have been rethinking themselves because their clients no longer only expect a hostess to be pretty and smiling, they expect them to embody the values of the brand they represent in their attitude, their gestures and in their clothing. Gone are the famous strict suits for women and suits and ties for men, now we have to be able to offer silhouettes that make an impression while reflecting the spirit of the brand, with comfort and quality as essential imperatives for the agency.


« You'll never get a second chance to make a good first impression. »

Gustav WHITE

Meeting with Régis de Grandmaison, Associate Director of MLC Agency.

The role of hosts and hostesses at an event is relatively unknown, even though it is often crucial. We call them in to support our sales teams on a stand or as reception staff at a VIP event, or to distribute leaflets and samples during street marketing operations. Whenever they are called in, their mission is to represent the brand with everything it stands for and to give an excellent first impression to visitors who may become customers...


In a few words, what is your business?

«Since its creation in 1997, MLC Agency has been offering different types of services: mainly hostesses and hosts to accompany our clients in their event activities, but also passenger transport and security agents. Finally, we can provide very specific services for some of our clients, such as the organisation of fashion shows or runner and service activities during trade fairs. Our clients are in some cases the event organizing agencies and in other cases the advertisers directly.»


What are the qualities required to be a good hostess or hostess?

«Hostesses and hosts are usually the first persons a visitor will meet at a stand; they are also the first persons who will have contact with the participants of a congress or seminar. Therefore, it is essential that the staff have presence, energy, a great sense of listening and good elocution. In addition to these skills, responsiveness and adaptability are also crucial. Indeed, for each mission, the teams embody a new brand, new values and a different organisation: we cannot imagine a hostess who would be totally out of step with the brand and the teams at the stand she is hosting.»


As far as your teams' outfits are concerned, how's it working out?

«In the most cases, we provide the outfits for our teams. We show our customers the changing room we have, and customers choose the outfits that they consider the most appropriate for their needs. The dressing room we offer is a very important argument and can even be a real asset if it is well composed. Clients generally look for sobriety, but we can see more and more that they are looking for a little originality. Sometimes this originality will be expressed with accessories and sometimes it will be even more marked with choices of less classic trousers like chinos and well-cut T-shirts with a blazer jacket.»


When you make up your locker room, what are the important criteria for you?

«Several points are important. Indeed, when we buy a new silhouette, we have to take into account that we're buying to dress entire teams. So, we need to have clothes that match the different sizes, that can be easily maintained and won't deteriorate with washing, I'm thinking about colour in particular. We take into account the fact that we will be able to restock without difficulty for several months or even years. Finally, we will choose comfortable clothes with accessories, such as elasticated waistbands, which allow us to adjust more easily to our teams' physical differences.»


Why is the outfit your hostesses and hosts wear important to the success of their mission?

«Like everyone else, when they don't feel well, or not beautiful, or when they wear uncomfortable clothes, the crew members find it hard to get over it all and devote themselves 100% to their mission of representation. No one is totally comfortable when they wear something that makes them feel tight or itchy or when they feel that their outfit doesn't fit them at all. That's why when we renew our wardrobe, we always ask ourselves if we would like to wear the clothes in question. If the answer is no, we don't buy.»


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