Women’s work outfit: our advice for your professional clothes

Women’s work outfit, our advice to make the best choice

Whether it is to create brand awareness, build loyalty, strengthen team spirit, create a professional brand image, protect employees and get rid of all dress code dilemmas, women's work outfits or uniforms have many advantages. hen creating the silhouettes for your employees, you must take into account several aspects that go beyond the image you wish to convey to the public. First of all, you have to consider that you need to choose a man's and a woman's work outfit. Secondly, you have to take into account their use, care and lifespan. Finally, you must never forget to choose timeless clothes that will be renewed for a long time by the supplier, so that you do not need to change all employees' outfits according to fast-changing fashion trends or because restocking is impossible. The issue of women’s work outfit is particularly sensitive since there are more styles and clothing habits for women than for men. Therefore, it is important to find a consensus so that every woman feels satisfied and comfortable, while matching men's outfits.

The signature silhouette of your women's work outfit

It is essential to follow some basic rules to create a stylish women’s work outfit: simplicity, quality, timelessness and materials. Simplicity: the simpler the outfit, the more it will suit a maximum number of tastes and body shapes. You can enhance this simplicity by adding an accessory, for example. Quality is essential as no one wants to spend their day in a poor quality, uncomfortable garment... Quality is also the guarantee that all employees will be dressed with matching outfits, that colours will remain unchanged and that styles will not become distorted over time. Timelessness allows wearers to be at ease in all circumstances: the women’s suit is a perfect example of that (provided that it is well cut!). It is a real must-have that is no more solely intended for professional use as it is now very trendy and part of women’s private life. As for the materials, they are essential in the choice of a women's work outfit. They must be of high quality, flexible, easy to care for, suited to the intended use and to the temperature.

Belonging through work clothes

Beyond the company's brand image, work attire also has a role within the team. Studies show that it contributes to a sense of belonging and pride in working for the brand. Because work clothes are the same for everyone, they help to reduce inequalities, foster team spirit and professionalise employees. This is only true if employees feel comfortable and well-dressed in their clothing, and do not feel that their clothing is completely out of step with the products or services they offer, or with their personality.

A wide choice of workwear available in the NEOBLU catalogue

By respecting the basic rules, choosing bottoms is often easier because there are fewer possibilities: you will have to choose between more or less formal trousers or skirts, ranging from jeans to suit trousers or suit skirts, and the very practical chino trousers, a perfect intermediate solution. A little variation is possible for women: the dress, provided that it is simple and neither too long nor too short, avoiding patterns at all costs. As far as tops are concerned, given the very wide field of possibilities, you will have to take into account the various company needs in terms of image and advertising. For a corporate style, you can opt for a shirt and a jacket that match the trousers initially chosen. For a casual style, you can choose a polo shirt, a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. For an intermediate style, you can simply replace the traditional shirt with a smart T-shirt or polo shirt, or replace the suit trousers with a pair of jeans or chino trousers. Don't forget to choose the garments for your employees who work outdoors too: trench coats, waxed jackets or down jackets should be added to their outfits in order to have a complete silhouette and to avoid that the jacket or coat they choose covers the whole outfit you have created to represent your brand. NEOBLU fully mixed collections allow brands to create signature silhouettes for their mixed teams. All garments are designed to match each other, in order to make all combinations possible and to allow each company to create a long-lasting signature silhouette that will best represent it and with which its employees will be true ambassadors, feeling free to move and proud to represent it.


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