Just like at home?

The lifestyle trend is everywhere: in shops, hotels, restaurants, decoration, fashion and even at work. What does it mean? The objective is to offer the public a barrier-free environment, proximity, exchanges and above all an experience that is free of restrictions. Freedom is the key word: in hotels, it means no longer imposing a breakfast schedule, for example; in a café, it means being able to take a board game or a book from the library and sit in a comfortable armchair; in a coworking area, it means having spaces for exchange and relaxation where regulars can meet for a drink or a game of table football.
But this trend goes even further, for example in work wear. Today's employees no longer want to wear clothes they wouldn't wear outside the workplace. They want to be able to work comfortably but also to have style and, ideally, their style! This is why many companies do not impose a single outfit on their representatives, but rather a catalogue of clothing that conforms to the company's brand image, in which they can compose their own silhouette in the company's colours.
It is with this perspective in mind that the NEOBLU collection is designed: clothing that can be mixed and matched with each other while remaining coherent in a complete silhouette.


« It's not mediocre chic, retro, industrial, recycled or Brooklyn... it's just simple »

Ian Schrager

The new generation of lifestyle hotels where people come less and less to sleep...

Faced with the success of accommodation platforms between private individuals and to meet the desires and aspirations of the «millennials», hoteliers are redoubling their imagination and breaking the codes of the traditional hotel business. The objective is to remove the barriers between hotels, to make them a place frequented by everyone, whether or not they reside in the establishment. Much more than just comfortable rooms and impeccable service, they offer their guests an experience: concerts, exhibitions, cocktails, DJ sets, sports coaching, cooking classes... all this in a very neat lobby with everything they need to promote «living together». People come here to have a drink, to live the neighbourhood, to work and even to do business. In a word, we come here more and more, but not necessarily to sleep and we choose to stay here because we like the unique personality of the place. The big brands are not mistaken, and they also bet on the lifestyle trend by rethinking their offer, personalizing each establishment and taking care of every detail in this sense.
With this objective in mind, the outfits of concierges, housekeepers, barmen... have also been rethought. It is no longer a question of wearing the traditional three-piece suit with four pins, which puts too much distance between them and the guests, but on the contrary, to have outfits that are in the spirit of the times: jeans, sweatshirt, cap and basketball are de rigueur and even the valets are now exempt from the traditional hood, they have switched to oilskins and a cool cap.


Coworking spaces, another «home».

It's THE big trend of the moment: coworking. Workspaces, but not only workspaces. The concept is to offer the users a multitude of services and possibilities that will allow them to work in a favourable and warm environment where professional and extra-professional life mix without limits and where contacts, exchanges and mutual help between «co-workers» will be legion. Initially frequented by independents, freelancers and start-ups, coworking spaces are becoming more and more attractive to large companies, which are realising that the atmosphere there is also a vector for emulating teams that are no longer restricted by schedules, sinister offices and a no less sinister coffee machine. Co-workers can settle wherever they want: inside, outside, isolate themselves if necessary, they can drink healthy drinks and organic coffee, they can attend a yoga session, participate in a conference on well-being, attend creative workshops but also have fun or take a little refreshing break: they are free to think about themselves, even at the office!
This atmosphere without great constraints often goes hand in hand with a better performance of the employees and a greater adherence to the company's values. To such an extent that it is no longer taboo or even normal to wear clothing in the company's colours, but on one condition: that it be cool and comfortable!


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