Concept Store, the new generation of boutiques

After the Covid 19 crisis, where shops had to close their doors, leaving the web players free to respond to customer expectations, shops are now obliged to rethink their approach to win back their customers and build customer loyalty. They must, more than ever, offer in-store experiences that will never be possible when buying online.


« Colette is not a formula, it's a way of life. »

Guillaume Wolf


The reference of the concept store.

213 rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris. It was for 20 years the address of Colette, one of the first and most famous concept store in Paris.
Since the first day, Colette has always been distinguished by its free spirit and independence. Demanding choices and an offer proposing original gadgets, design objects, fashion for all styles and all budgets, cosmetics, perfumes, books, records, high tech objects... All this in an atmosphere where exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities mingle in a setting where you can enjoy a drink in the famous water bar.
The revolution was such that everyone talked about it, some criticized it, but in any case, the first concept store, which would inspire many other initiatives over the years, was born, and Colette Paris became «the place to be» that people visited both for the experience and for shopping.


Reenchanting the customer relationship.

At a time when it's possible to make all your purchases on the web without going to the store, with ever shorter delivery times, brands must rethink their points of sale to offer different services to their customers than websites.

This phenomenon concerns all types of commerce: clothing shops, decoration shops, supermarkets, banks, bookshops, car dealerships, telephone companies and even restaurants... Multi-brand retailers have long ago understood that they need to offer their customers more than just products to buy, they need to offer them an experience.
Shops, restaurants, agencies, food shops... all must provide innovative solutions to meet the new expectations of their customers when they travel.

The objective is to bring what e-commerce cannot: human, an enriching contact, a personality, a proximity. The point of sale is no longer just a place where you come to buy a good, it's almost a destination, a place where you live, where you can have a drink, discover other types of products, get decorating advice, read a book, discover a new DJ? Everything has to be thought out to please and retain the loyalty of those who push the doors: from the decoration to the sales staff's outfit, including the sound atmosphere, communication, packaging and entertainment.
The objective is to go from a simple shop to a unique and friendly place, carrying the values of the brand where the salesmen become the ambassadors.


Business wear, a marketing tool par excellence

In marketing strategies, the point of sale is a crucial point. Here a special bond is created between the brand and its customer, where the brand's message comes to life and is embodied. The ambassadors of the brand and its values are the teams working at the point of sale. Their functions go well beyond simple advice and all must be very versatile to meet the many expectations of customers. For a complete deployment of the strategy, the brands choose to create outfits for their teams. These uniforms must not only reflect the brand's image but also meet the business requirements of the employees. With NEOBLU, brands now have the opportunity to create unique silhouettes that will play their part in both the marketing strategy and the team members' buy-in.


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