« A man without culture is like a zebra without stripes »

African proverb

Cultural facilities: teams at the service of knowledge and the public

Museums, theatres, libraries, cinemas, concert halls, multimedia libraries, comedy clubs, heritage monuments, cabarets, cultural spaces... they all have culture and the transmission of knowledge in common. All these institutions aim to enabling different audiences to access knowledge and learning, but also to providing emotions and pleasure through the works they offer them in different forms. Nowadays, many cultural institutions give importance to communication and brand image. Museums, for instance, are becoming brands and each employee is a representative who must embody the identity of these places.


« We want life in the theatre and theatre in life »

Jules Renard

Dynamic, lively and elegant places!

These are living places where it is important for visitors or audience to be welcomed, supervised, informed, guided and accompanied. Therefore, the issue of welcoming the public is essential and there are many jobs related to it: reception and ticketing staff, guides, guards, ushers, security staff, coordinators, cultural mediators, etc. All these workers visibly represent these places, so they need to be identifiable and recognizable by the public. To this end, their work clothes play a key role. The choice of clothing for the staff must take into account not only the specific needs of each job but also the image that the cultural institution wishes to project. Some will opt for a more traditional outfit, i.e. men's and women's suits; others will opt for less classic but still professional clothes by choosing, for example, chino trousers combined with a jacket and a well-tailored T-shirt; still others will go even further by opting for a pair of jeans matched with a sweatshirt bearing the name of the institution. In any case, when having to compose the outfit for their staff, cultural institutions will turn to brands that offer both women's and men's workwear, in large and small sizes. A well-thought uniform is one that allows all employees to be dressed the same way and to feel comfortable in their outfit. The NEOBLU collection is designed to meet the needs of every cultural institution. It is made up of classic and timeless garments that have been revisited with modern cuts. They are comfortable and easy to care, so that every employee feels well dressed, beautiful and free to move.


Experience: Claude M., museum guard.

My job is first and foremost to watch over the rooms of the museum. It is about making sure that visitors do not touch the works and do not get too close to them. Nevertheless, my mission is not only to ensure the safety of the works of art, since I also make sure that visitors are safe themselves in the museum, that everyone is well and that their visit takes place in good conditions. I am also there to inform them about the direction of the visit, the opening hours, the programme and sometimes even the works. In addition to these tasks, I also work at the museum reception and at the ticket office. I like my job since I work for the public, representing the museum to visitors. We see people from all walks of life and this is very rewarding. On a daily basis, my outfit is important since I am one of the museum representatives, so I need to be identifiable. In the past, we only had a badge with our name and the museum logo. Now we also have a complete outfit (trousers, a polo shirt and a suit jacket), in addition to the badge. It is convenient as all the staff is recognizable. We all wear the same outfit at work so we are all equal. Moreover, these uniforms are smart but not too much, comfortable and easy to wash. It is very important that our workwear is comfortable since we wear it for over 8 hours a day! I work every day so I need to be able to easily wash and iron my clothes. We are lucky not to have to wear shirts! Note from NEOBLU: obviously, Claude does not know the iron free NEOBLU BLAISE shirt!


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