Customisable workwear

How do you choose the right customised work clothes for your employees?

Gone are the days when work clothes were rigid and impersonal. Business attire is being reinvented with a personalised touch to make your employees' work clothes comfortable, stylish, aesthetic and even original. The appropriate choice of personalised work attire represents a strong marketing tool and an essential medium of communication for your business strategy, allowing your employees to live more strongly by your brand image and your clients to recognise it more easily.

Advantages of personalised business attire

As a sign of true intrinsic value added to your business in terms of communication, workwear conveys different messages to your clients and employees.

Towards the public, business attire identifies your teams and distinguishes your business from competitors, at the same time allowing expression of the identity, history and uniqueness of your brand. As a sign of distinction and expertise, it makes it quicker for your clients to identify your staff and allows you to gain visibility and renown.

Internally, wearing business attire strengthens the feeling of belonging to the brand, as well as the team spirit and cohesion. When your employees are clearly identified as belonging to the company, they will feel more invested in their role of representing you and will more readily come to live for the brand and its values. To this end, it is paramount that work clothes are carefully tailored, easy to clean and in particular adapted to each employee's professional constraints so that they are free in their movements and feel optimal comfort when exercising their duties.

How can you make the right choice of personalised work attire?

There are several criteria to take into account when choosing the right work clothes - meeting all your needs and expectations:

  • • Your line of business with the associated constraints and requirements. Wearing a specific type of outfit may be justified for reasons of safety, hygiene, service requirements or even by the very nature of the duties to be carried out.
  • • The visual identity you wish to convey (style, colour code, prints, etc.) to highlight the image and values of your company.
  • • The material in the customised work outfit and its ease of cleaning. When worn daily and subject to wear and tear, work clothes should preferably be high-quality and durable. It is worth investing in clothes made from a fabric that is durable, comfortable and crease-proof. The material will also influence the clothing's appearance, lifespan and ease of cleaning.
  • • Clothing size and cut. An outfit or uniform that is too small or too large can impede your employees' physical movements and mobility, hindering actions that are essential to their role or could even put them in danger. You must therefore ensure to find the right work outfit that is perfectly tailored and with a cut (loose or slim) that matches every employee's specific body shape and set of duties.

  • You should also consider the rotation of your staff; some will join the company, others will leave. Therefore, we advise against choosing a customised work outfit that follows a fashion trend or, worse still, is only designed for use in one season...

Why is Neoblu the best choice for supplying your customised work outfits?

Neoblu allows you to provide your staff with high-end work clothing that is both modern and practical. This is the challenge to which NEOBLU rises for each of its multiple collections. Whether you are looking for a customised work outfit for men or women, we offer you a range of top and bottom garments as well as outfits that are tailored for all kinds of roles. Since your employees' work outfits endlessly undergo wear and tear, we have designed our clothing to give your staff the physical comfort they need when on duty, at the same time ensuring them optimal ease of movement. We are reinventing the work outfit to let your employees effectively wear the colours of your company without compromising on their daily comfort, even for those with the most physically active roles.

Breaking with conservative work dress codes, living in our own time and giving every brand the freedom to express their own identity; such is the mission at NEOBLU by offering you work outfits of impeccable quality with style and elegance.

Whether you are looking for timeless or fashionable pieces, we allow you the freedom to establish your own company profile as you see fit. Express the uniqueness of your company by letting NEOBLU create your own customised work attire!

To order men's or women's work trousers from the NEOBLU range, please ask your usual workwear supplier and if you don't have any, contact us via the contact form: we will provide you with the details of our dealers.


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