Corporate wear: clothes make the brand.

Today, and for several years now, corporate wear has spread throughout the business world, even becoming a standard where it is least expected: in start-ups!
Beyond the safety and hygiene aspects, professional wear is a must for many brands or structures that welcome the public: cultural facilities, sports events, boutiques, sales forces, hotels and restaurants... In this context, employees become the representatives of the brand, its values and corporate culture. However, studies show that for many employees, wearing business wear also generates a sense of belonging, responsibility and support, becoming a rallying sign.
All this is only true on one condition: that the employee feels good in their outfit, both in terms of style and comfort.
The Modern Business and Image Wear designed by NEOBLU meets the expectations of all the company's players: style, comfort and modernity.

The formal informal

The line between personal and work lifestyle tends to blur. We no longer want to go to the office in a suit and tie, we no longer want to have a cold and sanitized work environment, we want to be able to feel good, free and valued at work too. Companies have grasped this very well and are relying on the comfort and attentiveness of their employees to ensure that they adhere to and carry the corporate culture internally and externally. The formal informal is a way of expressing this new approach: it is formal insofar as it is work, with objectives, missions and a function to fulfil, but within a framework and a state of mind that are very far from the traditional vision of the office; it is informal!
The best example is that of start-ups that set up their headquarters in a coworking space: flexible working hours, well-decorated premises with catering facilities and relaxation areas, others for informal meetings, outdoor areas and the famous table football! But we don't forget the essentials: perfectly equipped work areas and meeting rooms so that all the conditions are in place for business performance. These same start-ups go all the way by offering their employees clothing branded in the company's colours. They very often opt for quality sweaters that give a young, relaxed and comfortable style. These companies (and all the others) will find in the NEOBLU collection pieces that will enable them to reinforce the adhesion of their teams while conveying the company's culture.

Concept Store, the new generation of boutiques

After the Covid 19 crisis, where shops had to close their doors, leaving the web players free to respond to customer expectations, shops are now obliged to rethink their approach to win back their customers and build customer loyalty. They must, more than ever, offer in-store experiences that will never be possible when buying online.

Agency of hosts and hostesses, at the heart of representation and image.

In the world of events, but also in the reception or the animation of marketing operations, there is an unavoidable profession, rarely put forward and yet essential. Indeed, hosts or hostesses are, throughout their mission, the first representatives of the brand that employs them.

Just like at home?

The lifestyle trend is everywhere: in shops, hotels, restaurants, decoration, fashion and even at work. What does it mean? The goal is to offer the public a barrier-free environment, proximity, exchanges and above all an experience that is free of constraints. Freedom is the key word.

Cultural facilities: teams at the service of knowledge and the public

Museums, theatres, libraries, cinemas, concert halls, multimedia libraries, comedy clubs, heritage monuments, cabarets, cultural spaces... they all have culture and the transmission of knowledge in common.

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